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Too many issues

The app constantly loses my place in my books and I have to start at the beginning and flip through all the pages to try to find my place again. Books that I have previously deleted keep reappearing in my library. Many times when I get to the end of a chapter and flip the page it will skip an entire chapter or more and I have to flip backwards in the pages to get to the right spot. This has the potential to be a great app but it needs many repairs.

Love it

I love this app. It gets me through sleepless nights


I used to love it and now its all lag and I cant read anything without it freezing! Its so annoying. I hope you fix the issue.

One of My Favorites

I love this app! Its a great opportunity for people to write and express their ideas. And also a chance for people to communicate and make friends. But there are some bugs that seems I am only having. I removed a story from my library because I wasnt interested in it anymore. Yet when the book was updated, it came back to my library. I am not following the author nor did I archived the story. Its quite annoying. And also sometimes my read stories resets. Lets say Im finished with a story and Im waiting for it to update, a few days or hours later, its indicting that I havent read it yet. Other than that, its awesome!


i love wattpad but lately all of the current books im reading arent holding my spot it will be at the same spot as long as im on wattpad but then when i exit and come back it will go back to the beginning please fix asap!


okay im not good with titles, hush. this app has been really useful to read books about topics that i like, AND write my own stories. my book that ive written has over 3,500 reads, and i get a lot of useful comments on it. i love this app a lot, long story short :)


I love wattpad and share it along my friend. The people in here are so nice and I even met my best friend here. I do have a problem, like many another things, a lot of my books reset and go all the way back.


All my stories that i have in my library lost their place on the chapter. They all started from the beginning and its getting frustrating that this is happening.. please fix it

Watt pad

I love it I never liked reading before but now I cant stop. I dont know if its just the app on my phone that every time there is an update on a book it either puts any recently updated books that I had already read. Or it puts books that I already read as if I had not read yet please fix it. Each time that I refresh the app books that I have gone back to mark as read or undone. I love this app and have been using it for 3 almost 4 years but this issue is getting annoying

Great app, annoying problems!

Ive been using this app for almost 5 years now and it hasnt had too many problems until recently. The resetting of books is getting on my last nerve. I lose the spot of where Im at in the story and its frustrating to have to go back in a try to find where I left off. This needs to be fixed soon because Im sure it will downgrade how many stars its been given.

When I go to read new updates

I love Wattpad but here lately its been having issues I can see that the storys I am currently reading has a new chapter but then I go too read the new chapter its saying a new chapter has not been added.


A very smooth experience besides the fact that sometimes when scrolling there is a problem but overall I would recommend it to everyone ?

Freezing screen

I absolutely love reading on wattpad but recently my screen has started to freeze when I get a notification or at random. This is the only app that this glitch happens. Ive tried clearing my notifications for the app itself out, but that didnt help. I do not know what to do! I have read that I am not the only one experiencing this and I am very upset that this is happening. When the app doesnt freeze, its wonderful.

Tired of this.

I am using the latest version of the Wattpad app on my iPad Pro. The app constantly freezes and crashes every time I try to do something. Ive deleted and downloaded it again what feels like thousands of times, and my troubles still pursue. I love Wattpad and the community, but I cant fully enjoy my experience when using my mobile device and thats a shame.


most of my books which are fully read keep switching back to chapter one! it wont stay as fully read.

I love this app, BUT

There seems to be a recurring problem with it not saving work I do offline. Ive lost entire chapters, repeatedly, and its driving me insane! I really hope they fix this, because otherwise its a great app. ?


Very good

Problem has emerged

I have loved this app for years now and have had no problems regarding it but lately a problem has emerged. The books in my library will randomly restart themselves and its a hassle if I dont remember what chapter Im on.


Im getting really annoyed with Wattpad because every time i open the app all my books have been restarted and I dont know where I was at in the book makes me want to stop reading wattpad books.

Issues With Freezing.

Whenever I get into the app to either check messages, check book updates or even type up drafts, it always freezes up for some unknown reason. I have the latest version and I have reinstalled the app, however, the issue continues to keep going. Please fix this problem please!

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